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Are you looking for a quality, customized new home without all the hassles and delays of the typical home-building process? Let AVA handle the job for you. With more than a decade of experience in excavation, property maintenance and property restoration under our belt, AVA offers a simple home-building solution for home buyers in Fayette, Oho, and the surrounding northwestern Ohio area.


A turnkey process

AVA is a Unibilt builder. Unibilt homes are designed and built in modular sections in an indoor, climate-controlled environment then transported to your lot. AVA can assist you with site selection and home model choice. We also handle all the construction services needed to finish your home. This includes installation of the modules on site as well as:

·       Complete site preparation including excavation, foundation, electric connections, water and sewer

·       Site-built additions such as porches, garages, decks or additional rooms

·       Exterior finishes like siding, stone or brick

·       Interior amenities including floor coverings, trim, doors, lighting and bath fixtures, and painting

·       Exterior lot improvements such as driveways and sidewalks

·       Landscaping and grass seeding


Get the quality-built home you deserve

Unibilt homes offer far-reaching benefits that eliminate the cost and scheduling headaches of the traditional home-building process and help increase the construction quality of your new home. Unibilt offers:

·       Customized designs – A wide and ever-growing array of floorplan options allows you to personalize your home to fit your unique lifestyle and reflect your personal tastes.

·       Consistent quality – Built to precise standards in a climate-controlled, indoor facility, Unibilt homes are not subject to harsh environmental conditions that can cause materials to warp and adhesives to dry unevenly. The result is strong, tight construction and an exceptional, energy-efficient home with lasting value.

·       Timely construction completion – In-plant home construction and on-site lot preparation can be completed simultaneously. This innovative process allows you to avoid weather delays, speed up your project, and move in to your home on a faster, more predictable schedule.


And AVA provides you with additional peace of mind, knowing your home is in dependable and experienced hands from start to finish.


Ready to move in to your dream home? Give us a call today.






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